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Welcome to Telasip – where cutting-edge communication solutions meet affordability. Specializing in voice, fax, and PBX services, we empower small businesses and individual entrepreneurs with tools previously accessible only to large corporations. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur requiring seamless communication channels, a small business in need of a robust virtual PBX system, or looking for a full-featured managed PBX solution on-premise or in the cloud, Telasip has you covered.

Cloud PBX

We empower small business

Telasip Cloud PBX service offers small businesses with a full featured, managed phone system without expensive hardware. Improve customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction by leveraging “always connected mobility features” with our Office on the Go Solution.

SIP Trunking

Already using Asterisk, Freeswitch, SipX, Cisco Call Manager, etc? Telasip SIP Trunk service offers small businesses with a high quality, reliable and affordable option for voip phone service. Switch and Save.

Virtual Office

Always Stay Connected

Never miss a call again! Receive calls from anywhere, anytime with any mobile device. Whether you are at your desk or travelling, you will always be connected with the softphone.

Managed Cloud PBX

What is a Cloud PBX Phone System?

A cloud business phone system is a full featured PBX system hosted in the Cloud offering your business the flexibility, scalability, and ease of management without costly equipment costs. Cloud PBX systems offer an affordable solution for small businesses; unlimited calls, conferencing, mobility choices, frequent upgrades, and around-the-clock customer support. 


Mobility Features android & IOS

Unified Communications advanced mobility features transforms  your mobile device into your business phone. Connect, Collaborate, Comunicate with customers, colleagues, employees improving customer satisfaction and  productivity with features like instant messaging, presence, and online conferencing integrated into a single application

Never outgrow your phone system

Our Cloud PBX offers advanced PBX features to business of all sizes.  Easily scale the phone system as your business grows.   

Affordable Managed Phone System

In addition to Quality, Reliability, Mobility Flexibility, this phone service provides all the Features you need for one affordable price.

Quality service and support

From Tier-1 carriers, Tier-1 connectivity and Tier-1 support, above all, we offer the quality and reliability you expect.


Service Level Agreements

Cloud PBX Features at a Glance

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate with your clients as well as your team from your desk phone, desktop or mobile device. We offer a range of offerings for any business that can be customized to grow with you and above all provide the tools you need to succeed. Full Feature List


Businesses of all sizes now can benefit from the advanced features modern PBX software at an affordable cost.  High Quality Digital Voice

  • Automated Attendant & IVRs
  • Automated Greetings
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Unlimited Calling 
  • Simultaneous Ring / Ring Groups 

vFax is the most convenient way to receive faxes in your email. Select a local number and begin receiving faxes in your email as a .pdf file.

Available for iOS and Andriod, the mobile App takes the office on the road. .

Cloud PBX Offering

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our philosophy is simple. Provide great serivce, great support, at an affordable price. If you are not happy with our service or support and we are unable to resolve your issue, we will gladly offer you your money back. Some limitations apply.

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SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is a method of sending voice and other unified communications services over the internet. It works with an IP-enabled PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, allowing businesses to use voice over IP (VoIP) to make and receive calls via the internet, bypassing the traditional phone network.

SIP Trunking Features

Direct Inward Dialing (DID): Allows businesses to assign individual phone numbers to employees or departments without requiring multiple physical phone lines, making it easier for external calls to bypass the receptionist and go directly to the desired party.

Scalability: Easily scales up or down based on the business’s needs. Adding lines or modifying the service can typically be done quickly and without the need for additional physical infrastructure, accommodating fluctuating call volumes and business growth.

Unified Communications: Supports the integration with Unified Communications (UC) systems, facilitating a seamless blend of voice, video, messaging, and other real-time communication services across multiple devices and platforms.

Business Continuity: Enhances disaster recovery strategies by enabling geographic redundancy and call rerouting. In the event of an outage or disaster, calls can be quickly redirected to other locations or mobile devices, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

High-Quality Voice Calls: Offers superior call quality with features like HD Voice, given sufficient bandwidth and a properly configured network, enhancing the clarity and understanding of voice communications.

Multi-Site Integration: Enables businesses with multiple locations to connect their phone systems over a single SIP Trunk, simplifying the communication infrastructure and internal call handling across sites.

Encryption and Security: Supports advanced encryption protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP), to protect voice data and ensure secure communications.


Cost Savings: Reduces costs by eliminating the need for traditional telephone lines and potentially lowering call charges, especially for long-distance and international calls. SIP Trunking often comes with predictable billing models, offering unlimited calling plans or lower per-minute rates.

Flexibility: Adapts to the evolving needs of the business, allowing for easy adjustments to the communication infrastructure.

Efficiency: Consolidates voice and data networks into a single line, simplifying the network and reducing management complexity.

Accessibility: Supports remote work and global operations by connecting employees and offices across different geographic locations.

Innovation: Enables businesses to leverage the latest in communication technologies, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

SIP Trunking

What is SIP Trunking?

Already using Asterisk, Freeswitch, SipX, Cisco Call Manager, etc? Telasip SIP Trunk service offers small businesses with a high quality, reliable and affordable option for voip phone service. Switch and Save.

Understanding SIP Channels

Basic Concept: A SIP channel represents a single call path over a SIP Trunk. It can handle one concurrent call, whether incoming or outgoing. The number of simultaneous calls a business can make or receive is directly proportional to the number of SIP channels it has.

Scalability: One of the key advantages of SIP channels is their scalability. Unlike traditional telephony, which requires physical lines to be installed, SIP channels can be added or removed digitally, allowing businesses to scale their telecommunications capacity based on current needs.

Cost-Efficiency: SIP channels are more cost-effective than traditional phone lines because they utilize an existing internet connection rather than requiring additional physical infrastructure. This efficiency reduces both setup and ongoing communication costs.

Functionality: Beyond voice calls, SIP channels can also support the transmission of video and text data, making them a versatile tool for modern unified communications strategies.

How Local Numbers / DID work

Allocation: A business purchases DID numbers from a service provider. These numbers can be from any geographic location or area code that the provider offers.
Configuration: The DID numbers are configured in the business’s PBX or VoIP system to route incoming calls to specific extensions, phones, or devices based on the business’s internal routing rules.
Call Handling: When someone dials a DID number, the call is directed through the PBX or VoIP system to the appropriate endpoint within the organization without the caller having to navigate a complex phone menu.

SIP Trunk or Cloud PBX

When comparing SIP Trunking to Cloud PBX, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of the business in terms of infrastructure, control, scalability, and cost. SIP Trunking might be more appealing to businesses that already have a PBX system in place and are looking to extend its capabilities or reduce costs. In contrast, Cloud PBX is suited for businesses looking for a fully managed, flexible communication solution without the need for existing infrastructure or significant upfront investment.

Supported PBX software

We support all SIP based software PBX’s.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking offers a robust and flexible solution for modernizing business communications, aligning with digital transformation goals, and reducing operational costs. As businesses continue to navigate the shift towards more dynamic and distributed work environments, SIP Trunking provides a critical infrastructure component that supports scalability, efficiency, and continuity.

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

In the fast-paced world of startups, first impressions are crucial. Telasip’s Virtual Office Solutions are designed to give your business the communication tools it needs to stand out. With our “no PBX” voice service, you get the functionality of a sophisticated phone system without the need for traditional hardware. This service is tailor-made for startups looking to project a professional image from day one.

Auto attendant / IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are automated telephony technologies that interact with callers, gather information, and route calls to the appropriate recipient using pre-recorded voice responses, voice recognition, and touch-tone keypad inputs. IVR systems are widely used across various industries for both inbound and outbound communications, offering a streamlined and efficient way to handle high volumes of calls. Here’s a deeper look into how IVR systems work, their advantages, and best practices for implementation.


Fax to email services represent a significant advancement in fax technology, offering businesses a more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly way to manage fax communications. By carefully selecting a service provider and ensuring staff are familiar with the system, businesses can seamlessly integrate fax to email into their existing workflows, enhancing productivity and document management processes.

Voicemail - email

Voicemail-to-Email is a powerful feature that aligns with the needs of modern businesses and professionals by bridging traditional voice communications with the convenience and ubiquity of email. By implementing this feature, organizations can enhance the efficiency and accessibility of their communication processes, ensuring that important messages are never missed and can be acted upon quickly.

Features at a Glance

Virtual PBX systems are designed to manage call routing and handling for a business. Initially, Virtual PBX services were more basic, offering a simpler set of features primarily focused on call forwarding, voicemail, and basic auto-attendant functionalities. The “virtual” aspect emphasized the absence of physical infrastructure or hardware at the customer’s site, with the system being hosted by the service provider.

Virtual Office Features

– Basic call management features like voicemail, call forwarding, and auto-attendant.
– Typically designed for smaller businesses with simpler needs.
– May not support a full range of VoIP services or extensive customization.
– Often seen as an entry-level solution that enables small businesses to project a more professional image.
Ideal For:
– Small businesses or startups looking for a cost-effective way to manage calls.
– Companies that require basic phone system functionalities without the need for extensive telephony features.
– Businesses seeking to improve their professional appearance with minimal investment.

Virtual PBX

In the fast-paced world of startups, first impressions are crucial. Telasip’s Virtual Office Solutions are designed to give your business the communication tools it needs to stand out. With our “no PBX” voice service, you get the functionality of a sophisticated phone system without the need for traditional hardware. This service is tailor-made for startups looking to project a professional image from day one.
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